Soil and Water Contamination

                                                     Preventing Soil and Water Contamination 

Water is the most crucial things in the whole world and it’s needed for sustainable development, sustainable life, and sustainable agriculture. Human race and all other living organism could survive without food for a couple weeks, but they survive only for a couple days without water. It just because more than 70 % of our body cells contains water. In this world, water consisted in a lot of form such as iceberg, fog, cloud, underground water, surcafe water, and sea water then all whole process and form called hydrological cycle. Waters got constant circulation on earth by hydrological cycle such as evapotranspiration, presipitation, percolation, and runoff.

Fertile soil is a good one for development of sustainable agriculture. Fertile of soil could be seemed by it’s quality like texture, structure, and the colour itself. Also quantity by physical, chemical, and biological indicator which could be known by lab analyze.
Soil and water are the abiotic component from agroecosystem that always be the persistent of toxic things. Some toxic things which a specific characteristic could be trapped and accumulated underground eventhough move to the other place by water flow or runoff. The toxic things which a specific characteristic such us metal component, agrochemical, and industrial waste.
Development of industrial area could have a lot risks and negative effect for environment. Environment contamination is the process of other substances which come from human activity to environment that caused quality degradation.
    One of the most crucial environment contamination is water contamination. There are a lot of substances which could contaminate water such as microbiology (bacteria, parasite, virus), organic substance, and other anorganic substance.
Actually for some conditions waters ecosystem could adapted from the toxical substances called assimilation capacity. But only when toxical substances over it’s assimilation capacity, it may cause unbalance of the ecosystem then it could be derangement for water population.
Wastes come from production process residue of industrial, agriculture and domestic. There are civilization, there are wastes like solid wastes and liquid wastes. Generally, source of wastes divided into 4 category:
1.      Industrial waste
Industrial wastes water from whole production process such as metal components, color substances, etc depends on basic substance of the production process of each industry.
2.      Domestic Wastes
Domestic wastes water generally come from civilization. The wastes contain excretion substances, laundry wastes, and kitchen wastes.
3.      Agricultural Wastes
Agricultural wastes water come from synthetic chemical substances of pesticide and anorganic fertilizer. Residue of the substances could be accumulated, trapped, and move to other place far away from the current place.
4.      Natural Waste
Existence of natural waste on earth is more less than the other sources. But the spread of the wastes effect are more global.

There are a lot of impact of water and soil contamination:
1.      Agriculture
Contamination of soil may cause degradation of the soil itself. Thus, contaminated soil could not produce crops anymore. It just because that soil has change it’s capability and sustainability.
2.      Environment
Organic substances on waters may cause deviation of unbalanced parameter. Anorganic substance has responsibility of unbalanced pH that could intrude living organism of water biota. Sometimes if waters has much betel lime it may cause sedimentation from soluble suspended particle and it should make shallow of the surface waters then cause flood.
3.      Living organism
Oftentimes wastes water make some disturbance for humans health, animals, and other living organism straightway or not. Contaminated water could cause some disease like digestive, skincare, and even cancer.
There are a lot of efforts to handle soil and water contamination to keep our environment clean. A whole world has a lot of claimed to make our environment everlasting by preventing contamination and wastes processing.
1.      Appropriate development method for wastes processing
2.      Knowledgeable about long period of time of the wastes effect
3.      Biodegradable organic substances processing
4.      Increase awareness about the impact of wastes for environment

By preventing contamination, hopefully could support our development of sustainable agriculture and for sustainable life.

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